Portraits of Crisis (2013)

A country full of gold | Μια Χώρα Γεμάτη Χρυσό: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/a-country-full-of-gold/

Aggeliki, blind employee in Greece:  http://portraitsofcrisis.com/aggeliki-employee-aveugle-en-grece/ | Αγγελική, τυφλή εργαζόμενη στην Ελλάδα: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/aggeliki-employee-aveugle-en-grece/

An alternative economy during the crisis: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/without-middlemen-an-alternative-economy-during-the-crisis/ | Χωρίς μεσάζοντες – Μια εναλλακτική οικονομία στην Ελλάδα της κρίσης: https://vimeo.com/59405572

Kialo Amadu, minor immigrant in Athens: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/kialo-amadu-minor-immigrant-in-athens/

Life in Darkness: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/life-in-darkness/

Portraits of unemployment #1: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/portrait-of-an-actor/

Portraits of unemployment #2: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/portraits-of-unemployment/

Portraits of unemployment #3: http://portraitsofcrisis.com/portraits-of-unemployment-%cf%80%ce%bf%cf%81%cf%84%cf%81%ce%ad%cf%84%ce%b1-%ce%bd%ce%ad%cf%89%ce%bd-%ce%b1%ce%bd%ce%ad%cf%81%ce%b3%cf%89%ce%bd-3/

Portraits of Crisis is a series of cinematic narratives about the greek crisis. An ongoing project that was created in order to cover the need of an alternative narrative of the crisis, through people and not numbers. They started from Greece with the intention to widen our narrative and film stories from other European countries. Their goal is to make Portraits of Crisis a european documentary platform.


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